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Servants Arms Community Based Organization (CBO) was established in January 2013, out of Dr. Anthony L. Dockery’s vision to extend St. Stephen’s reach.  To stretch beyond our current servanthood, Servants Arms was founded with the premise of meeting the needs of individuals and families who are in need of physical and spiritual assistance.  Servants Arms is a non-profit organization that depends solely on donations, sponsorships and program funding to facilitate the many programs that it hosts annually.

Servants Arms CBO, is a non-profit 501(c)3 corporation that focuses on meeting needs in the community.  Our mission is to: through the embodiment of God’s love build a stronger community one person at a time, to deliver meaningful services and resources to all in need; one home at a time, one city at a time.  Through a variety of programs (i.e. Feeding the Homeless, Annual Community Block Party, Food Bank, Community Basketball, Free-at-Last Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation; as well as future programs that are being developed…(i.e. Boys Emancipated Transitional Housing, Senior Assistant Living Facility, and Veteran Supportive Services Programs).  The vision of Servants Arms is to extend our arms to embrace, support and uplift those in need by aiding in the relief of social and economic stigmas in our community.  To be “God’s Servants”, “In God’s Service”, demonstrating compassion for all people.  (II Timothy 2:24-26).

Current statistics taken from the 2010 Census, shows that the community we serve is in an unincorporated area of Los Angeles County. The City of La Puente has a population of approximately 39,816 residents of which 85.1% are Hispanic and 42.0% are not US born. The city’s population has only a 9.4% of its residents that are college educated and 56.0% have a high school diploma or a GED. While most have limited education, the last census taken identified that, the La Puente, CA unemployment rate of 7.8% was better than the 7.9% national average. Of the workers, 40.7% commute under 25 mins, 32.2% travel 25-45 mins, and 27.1% have a commute time of greater than 45 mins. 6% of the population have a household income of less than $10,000, 5% have a total household income of $10,000-$14,999, and 12% have a household income that ranges from $15,000-$24,999 while 13% of the population earned between $25,000 – $34,999. The median resident income in La Puente is $22,343, giving the city a poverty rate of 10.5%, which ranks this zip code as one of the top 50 most poverty zip codes according to the 2010 U.S. Census.

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